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Mast cell disease is very rare and therefore it can be difficult to find a physician who knows and understands the disease.  However, this is slowly changing and an increasing number of physicians are becoming aware of mast cell disease, particularly Mastocytosis.

MSC compiles and manages a list of physicians across Canada who have knowledge and experience with mast cell disease.  If you would like assistance finding a physician, please send an email to indicating your city of residence and we will respond with suggestions on physicians in your area.  At this time, MSC keeps only a list of Canadian physicians.  If you are from the United States and looking for a physician, please see The Mastocytosis Society website.  

Please note that MSC cannot yet identify many physicians who are comfortable diagnosing MCAS.  Mastocytosis has a specific set of diagnostic criteria which helps physicians diagnose the disease with confidence.  MCAS is diagnosed more by process of elimination and therefore many physicians are not comfortable with a confident diagnosis. 

If you are an existing mast cell patient and have received excellent care from your physician, please share that information with us so we can continue to build up our list of physicians.  Particularly if you are familiar with a physician who is comfortable diagnosing and treating MCAS.