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MSC is excited to announce that October 20, 2018 will be celebrated as the International Mastocytosis and Mast Cell Diseases Awareness Day

This Awareness Day is the successful outcome of 23 Mast Cell Support groups from 21 countries coming together to support this common cause.  As part of this important event, the team has launched a new website, logo, ribbon and slogan to shine a spotlight on mast cell disease.  This achievement marks the beginning of many global collaborations to come! 

The goal of the Awareness Day is to increase awareness of mast cell disease in our communities.  There are many audiences who may benefit from this type of information: 

  • Diagnosed Patients - Mast cell patients continuously seek information to better understand their disease.
  • Undiagnosed Patients - Many patients suffer a wide variety of symptoms for years before receiving a firm diagnosis.  This may provide the necessary information to have a conversation with their physician, if mast cell disease is suspected.  
  • Health Care Professionals - Mast cell disease is very rare and may not be top of mind for health care professionals as they seek to diagnose a patient.  This information will remind health care professionals about the signs and symptoms of mast cell disease.
  • Patient Supports - A key audience for this information is caregivers, family, friends, co-workers and other individuals that a patient might interact with frequently.  This information will help provide a better understanding of the complexity of the disease and underscore how important it is for patients to have full control over their environment to avoid triggers and manage symptoms.  
You can help raise awareness! 
With this audience in mind, MSC created several fun and informative ways to help raise awareness of mast cell disease.

Coming Soon


Watch a video explaining the basics of mast cell disease.  Encourage your family,

friends, co-workers and others to watch the video to help them gain a stronger

understanding of mast cell disease. Coming soon! 



 Coming Soon


Watch a video outlining the everyday experience of a mast cell patient

Encourage others to watch the video to help them gain a stronger understanding of

what it's like to live with and manage mast cell disease.  Coming soon!



MSC Info Pahmphlet new



Download the MSC Information Pamphlet to learn more about mast cell

disease, symptoms, triggers and what to do if you suspect mast cell disease.  





Take a short quiz to determine your knowledge of mast cell disease.

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Download the Awareness Day Logo to show your support for mast

cell disease!  Feel free to use these this logo on your social media profiles.



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Download the Awareness Day Ribbon  to show your support for mast

cell disease!  Feel free to use these this riboon on your social media profiles, or

perhaps even purchase some fabric and make your own ribbons!

NOTE:  Due to a short planning timeframe, MSC was not able to create physical

ribbons.  We will work hard to have these available for next year!





Please give today!  We strive to achieve our goal of raising awareness of

mast cell disease and providing guidance and support to patients, caregivers

and health care professionals.  Increased focus on mast cell disease can

facilitate more efficient diagnostic processes, better access to treatment and

continued support for those affected.


Fundraise for us

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